4 Tips to Maintain Your Carpets In-Between Cleaning

Congratulations! You just had your carpets cleaned with Zerorez Huntsville and they look, smell & feel brand new again. While you enjoyed your experience working with us, we assume you would like to prolong the time between your next cleaning. Follow these 4 helpful tips below and you will be able to maintain your carpets in-between cleaning!   1. Use door mats… Read more →

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Carpet Cleaning is Revolutionary with Zerorez Huntsville

We believe that a healthy home starts with clean carpets, and nothing cleans more thoroughly or protects your investment better than the revolutionary, patented, Green Process offered by Zerorez.Traditional steam carpet-cleaning uses heated water mixed with soaps, detergents and toxic chemicals that are injected into the carpet under pressure, which soak your carpets, pads and backing. Even though much of the… Read more →


Are detergent and soap ideal for cleaning carpets?

Are detergent and soap ideal for cleaning carpets… and what’s the difference? The answer may surprise you.   The Down and Dirty of Detergent & Soap A detergent is a chemical substance used to break-up and remove dirt and grime, while soap is basically one type of detergent. Detergents today are usually a mixture of chemicals and additives, all boiled up in a large chemical… Read more →


Explore Huntsville

Zerorez Huntsville hopes everyone had a great and safe Halloween weekend! Now it is time to look forward to the month of November and Thanksgiving. Here is a list of the top events here in Huntsville for the month of November:   The Brass Band of Huntsville presents Heroes & Villains  When: Thursday, November 5th from 7-9 p.m. Where: Huntsville High… Read more →

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How do you clean wool carpets?

Wool carpets and rugs can be a great investment for your home as long as you take care of it properly. Since wool is a little thicker than most carpet or rug materials, it locks in more dirt and debris. However, wool rugs do introduce some unique cleaning concerns compared to cleaning wall-to-wall wool carpet. Except on very rare occasions wall-to-wall carpet will… Read more →

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DIY Halloween Party Treats & Snacks

If you can’t tell, we are very excited that fall is here because with this comes Halloween and all of its spirit and fun! In this blog post, we will focus on some fun and easy do-it-yourself (DIY) recipes for a spooky Halloween party (be sure to check out our last post on some elegant DIY decor ideas as well). Treat #1: Guacamole with black… Read more →

Halloween Decor

DIY Halloween Party Decor

It’s October, which means….(drumroll please)…the holiday festivities can officially begin! This month has such great energy and spirit as the leaves begin to change, the cool air starts rolling in and the halloween decorations start making their way out. And if you have a halloween party in your future (and we hope you do!) then these simple tips & tricks on… Read more →

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Experience Huntsville | Enjoy Your City for Free

While going to concerts and events are fun, sometimes it’s nice to keep your wallet in your pocket and take in your surroundings for free. If you enjoy fresh air and beautiful scenery then go check out these three gorgeous locations in Huntsville: Green Mountain, Ditto Landing, and Land Trust of North Alabama. Or spend a nice afternoon with your… Read more →

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Experience Huntsville | Saturday Morning Food Truck Breakfasts

Each Saturday morning (7:00 am – 10:00 am) through October 31st, Downtown Huntsville’s food truck vendors are serving up some delicious breakfast options. Follow your nose to the courthouse square where the food trucks will be strategically placed nearby. If there happens to be an event at the courthouse square on a Saturday morning, then the vendors will be relocated to… Read more →

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Back To School Cleaning Checklist

Summer is coming to a close. Your kids will be spending less time in the house, more time in school. This is the perfect opportunity to get your house back to the clean and orderly state that it once was. Every household is different, but there are a few things that we should all be doing around this time of… Read more →