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Like our great Huntsville city, ZEROREZ® thrives on technological innovation. The patented system and method invented by ZEROREZ® to clean carpets, upholstery, tile and grout, utilizes a proprietary cleaning solution called Empowered Water™ that is completely non-toxic, environmentally friendlyand attains zero residue.

Traditional carpet cleaners use soaps and detergents, and this process leaves a toxic residue behind that acts like a dirt magnet making spots and traffic lanes reappear. With our patented technology and proprietary cleaning solution, your carpets will stay cleaner longer because there is no residue. And that’s why ZEROREZ® has rocketed to the top!


So What is Empowered Water?

Empowered Water® is applied to your carpets and other surfaces by a patented high- pressure, controlled spray system that loosens embedded dirt and removes it through our powerful and patented extraction wand. Your carpets and other surfaces are clean with Zero Residue® and the dry time is dramatically reduced because we don’t need to flood your carpets with water, unlike all other carpet cleaners.

Our extraction wand combines the joint properties of fluid mechanics and pressure dynamics. This means that we clean down to the bottom of your carpets fibers—removing embedded dirt, soils, dried soaps (if previously cleaned by another carpet cleaner) and other debris.
There is no one that cleans like we clean. If you want the best and highest quality cleaning for your home or office, you can’t beat our patented cleaning process.

ZEROREZ® Huntsville Gotta Love It Guarantee®

ZEROREZ® Huntsville stands behind our service. If our cleaning does not meet your expectations, contact us within 30 Days and ZEROREZ®Huntsville will re-service your home for no additional charge!

ZEROREZ® Challenge

Before just jumping into your cleaning, ZEROREZ® technicians will perform a “ZEROREZ® Challenge” to make sure you will be satisfied with the final carpet cleaning results. This gives us the opportunity to avoid any surprises and know exactly what the results will look like without any cost, risk or obligation.

ZEROREZ® Price Guarantee
In an industry known for bait and switch, ZEROREZ® does everything possible to avoid anything that even appears as such. Our Price Guarantee is: Prior to commencing any work a firm price will be provided for all the work that has been requested. If there are any “surprises” at the end of the service, ZEROREZ® Huntsville will simply remove the item from the invoice so you don’t have to pay for it.


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